Marine Data Infrastructure Germany (MDI-DE)

Are you looking for official marine and coastal data for the North Sea and Baltic Sea?
In the MDI-DE you will find free data and services from responsible authorities.


Comprehensive search on official portals


Map viewer for official and own services


Free download according to licences

  • The MDI-DE realizes a thematic access to official marine and coastal data, which are publicly available and free of charge.

  • A large part of the state and federal authorities with responsibilities in the coastal and marine area participate in the MDI-DE.

  • A comprehensive range of information is available on the German coastal area of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea as well as the adjacent marine regions.

  • The MDI-DE provides data and information on coastal engineering, coastal water protection, marine environmental protection and marine nature conservation via a joint portal.

  • With its search, display and download options, the MDI-DE offers a central entry point for interested users.